Mission Statement

The mission of the Marion County Emergency Telephone System Board (ETSB), is to ensure that the Citizens of Marion County receive reliable, professional 9-1-1 Service. This is accomplished by utilization of technology changes and recommended policies and procedures. The Marion County ETSB will endeavor to work with emergency service agencies to ensure that the needs of the public are met.

Dispatch Centers

The 911 Dispatch Centers, also known as Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP's), for the Marion County 911 System are located at both the Centralia Police Department and the Salem Police Department. The answering and dispatching of 911 calls are through an Intergovernmental Agreement between the cities and the 911 Board.

The agreement states that the cities provide the answering of calls and the dispatching of emergency services agencies, and the 9-1-1 Board provides the 9-1-1 System and radio equipment.

The Centralia PSAP has a staff of six (6) Telecommunicators and one (1) Dispatch Supervisor. The Salem PSAP has a staff of four (4) Telecommunicators and one (1) Dispatch Supervisor.

The system consists of a Zetron Radio and 9-1-1 System. The CAD System's vendor is J2 Software. The Mapping vendor is WTH.

Agencies Served

The Marion County 9-1-1 System serves a total of 33 Agencies, which include 11 Fire Agencies, 6 EMS Agencies, 13 Law Enforcement Agencies and 3 Emergency Management Agencies. The agencies are:

  • Centralia Fire Protection District
  • Centralia Fire Department
  • Farina Fire Protection District
  • Iuka Fire Protection District
  • Kell Fire Protection District
  • Kinmunday/Alma Fire Protection District
  • Odin Fire Protection District
  • Orchardville Fire Protection District
  • Patoka Fire Protection District
  • Salem Fire Protection District
  • Sandoval Fire District

EMS Agencies

  • Farina Ambulance
  • Kinmundy/Alma Ambulance
  • LifeStar Ambulance
  • United Medical Response
  • Patoka Ambulance
  • Sandoval Ambulance

Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Alma Police Department
  • Centralia Police Department
  • Central City Police Department
  • Illinois State Police
  • Iuka Police Department
  • Junction City Police Department
  • Kinmundy Police Department
  • Marion County Sheriff's Department
  • Odin Police Department
  • Patoka Police Department
  • Salem Police Department
  • Sandoval Police Department
  • Wamac Police Department

Emergency Management Agencies

  • Centralia Emergency & Disaster Agencies (ESDA)
  • Marion County Emergency Services Disaster Agency (ESDA)
  • Salem Department of Emergency Management (DOEM)